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Record Facts      

    The Heywoods first recorded 2 side singles were "Hey Joe", featuring Sonny James and "Midnight Hour", featuring Johnny Schott  recorded for Queen -Bee and Gene Autry's Republic records. They only received local air play in Cincinnati and were recorded in 1966.

    First nationally released single "Special Someone" was released in April 1972 on the Family Productions label. It was #64 on the charts and was followed up with "You Don't Own Me" written by the group's producer at the time, John Madeira. Both were part of their first album "Special Someone". The group was known now as Bo Donaldson and The Heywoods.

    On March 1973 "Deeper and Deeper" was released.  It was produced by Steve Barri on ABC records and became part of their second album that would set The Heywoods name in history. In March of 1974, The Heywoods recorded a song that was recorded by Paper Lace, a British group in England. This song, by the name of "Billy Don't Be A Hero", was released in April of 1974 and became the #1 hit record of the group, sold 3 million copies, and stayed on the record charts for the entire year of 1974. Their follow up hit to "Billy Don't Be A Hero", "Who Do You Think You Are?", also made record history. It was #15 on the record charts of 1974.

    "The Heartbreak Kid" single was released in July of 1974. It was the group's 3rd single and #39 on the record charts for the year.

    "The House On Telegraph Hill" was released in April of 1975, and along with "Our Last Song Together" which was released in June 1975 and was #95 on the charts. The Heywoods ended their deal with ABC records.

    In late1975 the group signed up with Capital records and recorded "Oh Boy" in late February of 1976. It was released March 1, 1976 and became part of their album Father On, which was released March 8. This was their only album to be released on the Capital records label.

1977, A dance single for Playboy records "Give Me Some Time".

1978, The Bo Donaldson Band released the single "Love Spirit Lady".

1996, "The Best of Bo Donaldson and The Heywoods" CD was released.